Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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Whew …. The schedule has really been crazy leading up to Christmas Day. But I did not want to miss a chance to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Our band of rescues at Grady Animal House can’t wait to unwrap their Christmas toys and treats tomorrow.

It is a fantastic time of year, my favorite. But sadly, my thoughts regularly turn to animals and people who aren’t having such a great season. Puppy mills dogs are suffering terrible cruelty and neglect, on this Christmas Eve. In too many back yards tonight, dogs will continue to live tied to trees or posts, freezing while the families sit in warm living rooms.

Feral cats, the product of abandonment and neglect will be cold and homeless. Other cats and dogs will rummage through trash or huddle in a wooded lot – more evidence of abandonment and neglect.

Racing greyhounds will be crammed into their kennel crates, while the trainers, track owners and breeders are enjoying their Christmas meals.

And millions of other dogs and cats will spend Christmas Eve night in shelters, while in the hours leading up to the night, volunteers and shelter employees will take time out from their families to feed and care for the homeless pets.

Yes, so many animals will suffer to one degree or another tonight due to the actions of evil or neglectful or careless or thoughtless people. And in too many cases, these same people will put their heads on their pillows tonight unpunished and untouched by their deeds.

Can’t end a holiday message on such a down note. I stay positive because I know in my heart that compassion is growing. The message of rescue and compassion for animals is growing. The media coverage is expanding all the time, a signal that rescue and animal welfare is a hot item.

It’s in and it needs to in.

Thanks to so many caring and compassionate people, millions of rescued dogs and cats will sleep in loving homes tonight and will wake up in the morning to a wonderful Christmas morning.