Pack Line Headlines: Record rhino poaching, “Possum Drop,” Camp Bow Wow adoptions

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A terrible year for Rhinos: National Geographic is reporting a record of 443 rhinos were killed in South Africa this year for their horns.

The article explains the poaching and smuggling is “operated at several levels, and each requires different types of expertise. It is a complex network which, tragically, even extends into wildlife-protection organizations and veterinary circles.”

The horns end up mostly in China and Vietnam. In large part, it’s up to the governments and the people in these countries to shut this down. The poachers are horrible, evil individuals – but the people buying these products rank up there on the evil and horrible scale as well.


PETA calls for end to New Year’s “Possum Drop”: PETA is calling on the state of North Carolina to end an annual “Possum Drop” in a small town in the western part of the state.

From the Associated Press story – “” Clay Logan, who owns the Clay’s Corner store in the far western tip of the state, has been lowering an opossum in a transparent box to the ground every New Year’s for 18 years, in a local homage to the famous ball drop in Times Square. “”

102 adoptions out Camp Bow Wow Portland, Maine: Camp Bow Wow has announced a record goal of 102 adoption in less than year out its Portland, Maine facility.

From the press release –  “” In addition to providing premium pet care, all Camp Bow Wow locations offer in-house foster dog programs as part of its non-profit organization, the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation. Each Camp works hand-in-hand with local rescue organizations to help abandoned dogs find their forever homes. “”

“We love all dogs. It is our mandate to help find, warm, safe and happy homes for as many of them as we possibly can,” said Gary Mansir, owner of Camp Bow Wow Portland, ME. “Next year, we plan to work extra hard so that we can once again double our record.”

“We at Camp Bow Wow truly believe that every animal deserves a loving family and that is why we are very passionate about our Foster Dog Program that has given thousands of dogs across the U.S. and Canada second chances. It is hugely rewarding to not only be able to introduce so many people to their furry loved ones, but to be able to save an animal’s life, which is most important,” said Heidi Ganahl, CEO and founder of Camp Bow Wow. “Congratulations Camp Bow Wow Portland on your remarkable accomplishment.”

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