Off Topic (kinda): Montana Supreme Court earns a Pack of Justice Award

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The Montana Supreme Court has upheld a long-time ban on corporate spending in state and local political campaigns – putting this court directly across the legal boxing ring from the US Supreme Court and its horrible Citizens United ruling.

I don’t know anything about this state Supreme Court, other than this news. But for this decision they more than deserve a Pack of Justice Award.

The Citizens United ruling by the US court was one of the worst of all time. Those great words in the preamble to the Constitution read – “We the people” – not “We the corporations.”

We’re already seeing the horrible results in the Republican presidenti­al race. The Republican candidates without Super PACs to back them are playing against a stacked deck.
How does all this relate to animals? – BIG MONEY donations can certainly impact the environment and wildlife, if polluting corporations are able have an even greater hand in buying new legislation or in basically bribing elected officials to weaken or drop environmental regulations or drop protections for wildlife or wildlife habitat.
Hurray for the Montana Supreme Court.