Utah cat survives twice in gas chamber of horrors

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After a cat survived two attempts to kill her in a West Valley City gas chamber in Utah, a push is underway to ban the chamber of horrors there.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports after a second attempt in the gas chamber, the cat was checked for vital signs and stuffed into bag and then into a cooler, only to be found later still alive in the bag.

Thankfully, the Community Animal Welfare Society has stepped in to help Andrea and a volunteer is fostering her until a home can be found.

From the article – “” Aaron Crim, West Valley City’s director of public relations, said the shelter workers followed proper procedures. “” – No, they followed procedures they were told to follow, but “procedures” that are anything but proper.

It’s 2012. It has become mainstream science – thankfully – to understand that animals suffer both emotionally and physically. There is no longer ANY DOUBT  that injection is the ONLY humane option when the time comes to euthanize a family pet or any animal for that matter.

It is a terrible tragedy that even one homeless pet will die in a shelter this year. The millions that will die only multiplies that tragedy millions of times. But to add to the tragedy by using gas chambers and heart sticks is totally unwarranted.

And I most continue to point out that these victims continue to suffer every day of every year, while the guilty parties – puppy mills, greyhound racing and irresponsible people who allow their pets to breed more pets into homelessness – rarely pay the cost or suffer the consequences.

Until local cities and counties and state governments and the federal government get serious about this problem and start holding the offenders accountable, millions of homeless pets will continue to suffer each year.