Pack Line Headlines: Puppy mill rescue, animal welfare, exposing factory farming, homelessness

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Dozen of dogs removed from puppy mill: A customer reported an online breeder in Illinois which led to the pulling of 12 of the 41 dogs there on Monday.

The Aledo Times Record reports all of them had ear infection, some had periodontal disease two of suffered from rotting skin. Hopefully, we will continue to see more breeders like this uncovered.

Restaurant owner starts animal-welfare organization: The owner of two restaurants (that I would certainly have on my favorites list if I lived in the area) has founded Uniting to Save Animals (U2SA). The organization helps low-income residents in funding the cost of spaying and neutering their pets and promotes adoption from local shelters and rescue organizations in Maryland.

States trying to criminalizing whistle-blowers who expose animal cruelty on factory farms: out of Florida is rightfully going after the state legislatures that are trying to pass bills that would criminalize undercover video, audio or photos that expose animal cruelty on factory farms.

In Florida the proposed legislation might even ban taking photos from a public roadside. I mean what are they trying to hide here? – Right. It’s obvious. If you have something to hide you’re going to want to block the public from knowing about it.

The editorial correctly notes there is more to hide – “More than animal cruelty can be at issue, including food safety, abuse of workers and pollution of the environment.”

The factory farms behind this effort and their toadies in the state legislature are basically saying – ‘How dare those animal lovers try to expose criminal activity. We’ll show ’em. We’ll make it against the law to record criminal activity.’

Next week, they’ll no doubt try to make it against the law to film a street-corner drug deal with your smart phone or take a photo of the guy who stole your wallet. And security cameras that might catch a crime occurring in a parking lot or on the street? – No way, the folks introducing the ban on exposing cruelty must hate this sort of thing.

We see this give-the-criminals-a-break trend in Mississippi, where Governor Haley Barbour is pardoning violent offenders by the dozens on his way out the door.

The root causes of homelessness: Now we’re getting somewhere. The Oxford Press out of Ohio ran an article Friday with the headline: “Auctions, puppy mills to blame for increase in unwanted dogs.”

We need more news stories and editorials with this theme, nationwide. I don’t see it enough. I do see some chipping around the edges, but we’ve got to hit this head on. Puppy mills, irresponsible backyard breeders, dog auctions and irresponsible people in general who refuse to spay/neuter and allow their pets to add to the homeless numbers are all responsible for the overpopulation of homeless pets in this country.