Report on Romney driving his dog on top of his car is spreading like fleas

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I will start this post with my typical disclaimer that comes before edging across the line into politics, whenever politicians step over the line into environmental or animal-welfare subjects. I’ve slammed politicians on both sides and in the middle when their decisions or actions affect animals.

Unfortunately, there are politicians who are far from being animal friendly in both major political parties.

Today, it’s Mitt Romney and the story about his terrible decision a number of years back to put his dog in a crate on the roof his car for a 12-hour trip from Massachusetts to Canada. The dog reportedly grew sick and defecated in the crate. Romney’s son saw the brown material running down a window.

Turns out, what he did was most-likely against state law in Massachusetts and could have led to animal-cruelty charges.

Romney pulled off at a service station, hosed off the mess, put the dog back on top of the car and continued the trip. I was going to stay away from posting about this, but the more information that comes out and the more I read about Romney’s more recent responses to the story, the more disgusting it gets.

In an interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News, he claimed ‘Seamus’ loved it in the car-top crate and said it was “air tight.” It would have been better if he just admitted that it was idiotic thing to do, rather making this nutty claim about his dog enjoying the ride.

And now we have, where a dog blogger named Rusty is going after the presidential candidate. The site bills this case as “Crate-Gate.”