Pack Line Headlines: puppy mill raid; dog fighting raid; undercover video bans

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Raid on puppy mill frees 88 animals: A woman in Sac County, Iowa faces 93 counts of animal neglect after 88 animals were taken from her home back on January 25.

The Pilot Tribune reports “” … five dead puppies in crates on the farm, and live animals crammed up to five per cage, reportedly underfed, marred with waste from animals stacked above them, with matted fur and in some cases deformed paws from standing on cage wire or eye/ear infections “” were found on the site.

Authorities suspect she was breeding without a license.

Dogs rescued from fighting ring near Pittsburgh: The Humane Society of the United States rescued a dozen dogs Friday from a suspected dog-fighting ring in Wilkinsburg, Pa.

Some of the dogs were in the basement of the home while others were chained in the backyard. Sounds like proper housing for the criminals involved in dog fighting – but not for the dogs. On second thought, living chained to a tree is too soft a punishment for those who abuse animals in this way.

Utah House votes to protect those who abuse animals: The Utah State House voted Friday to overwhelmingly approve HB187. The Deseret News reports the bill would “make it a class A misdemeanor to hide a recording device on a farm and class B misdemeanor shoot video or photos after being asked not to or record while trespassing.”

I get the trespassing issue – although in some cases the videos are shot by people who are employees of the farm. But this ban and other similar proposals are not all about trespassing or hiding cameras. They are about hiding the abuses going on within the factory farming industry.

What we really need are new regulations that allow for regular, serious, unannounced inspections of factory farms. So that abuses can be prosecuted, leading to improved and humane conditions in these facilities. But I’d venture to guess industry insiders would push back strongly against against this proposal as well.