The annual Idiot-rod Race begins

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The Idiot-rod sled race is sadly underway and over the next week or so many articles will be published about the event – many written as if this was a legitimate “sport.”

Of course, the only way this would be a sport is if humans pulled the sleds while the dogs rode in the back.

An Associated Press story today includes this quote, which sounds like it came right out of the mouth of a greyhound racing insider.

“They look like this is what they live for,” said Leigh Hopper, 53, a registered nurse from Hendersonville, Tenn., as she watched mushers get their dogs ready for Sunday’s start. “They can’t wait to get out there and run.”

So completely clueless. Could these folks attend a dog fight and come out saying, “Wow. Those dogs were really excited about fighting each other”-?

And I guess they think the dogs just love living on the end of a short chain in the bitter cold, next to a tiny dog house, while their “owners” are inside by the fire every night.