EPA and cosmetic company L’Oreal to collaborate on alternatives to animal testing

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A press conference has been scheduled for Monday (March 12) in San Francisco to announce a research collaboration between the Environmental Protection Agency and cosmetic giant L’Oreal to develop alternatives to traditional animal-based toxicity tests.

The event is part of the annual Society of Toxicology meeting.

The first animal-welfare organization I officially joined up with was the North Carolina Network for Animals, around 1980, when I was a college student. One of the main topics of discussion at our regular meetings was the horrible produce testing that goes on in the cosmetic industry and other industries.

The testing is horrible, such as toxic chemicals being poured into the eyes of rabbits. There comes a time when the results are known, but the testing continues. It’s sick stuff.

Hopefully, this collaboration is a step in the right direction to end this practice.