Native Americans outraged by white buffalo hunts

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The white buffalo is sacred to the Lakota Sioux and other Native American groups. Many people are rightfully outraged by the news that the Texas Hunt Lodge is offering a package priced at $13,500 for individuals to hunt the animals.

An article on the Indian Country Today Media Network website explains one study notes only about 50 white buffaloes exist in the US. The article quotes the Texas Hunt Lodge website as calling this animal the “Rare White Buffalo.” So the fact that the animals are rare makes it more expensive and more exciting???

This is the sort of hunting that is really disgusting. It’s one thing to go out and hunt for a meal. Native Americans did so, while at the same time honoring the animals and honoring nature. But it is something else – something really sick – about paying thousands of dollars to kill something for the fun of it. And killing a rare species so they can brag about it later back at the lodge takes the sickness to another level still.

I have a new phrase for it – Elitist Hunting.