Report: Ticks crawling up wall in kennel at Tucson Greyhound Park

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I’ve read comments of late from defenders of greyhound racing, laying the claim that racing dogs are better cared for than dogs living with families. Even in the face of facts and regular news accounts to the contrary – to the extreme contrary.

And now we have another example of the kind of care racing dogs recieve. An Arizona Department of Racing Stewards Report from March 6, 2012 notes a inspection revealed ticks crawling up the wall inside at kennel at Tucson Greyhound Park.

GREY2K USA co-founder Carey Theil reports on his blog that this far from being the first time this track has faced a report such as this. There are also on-going problems with the conditions on the track.

I can safely report that the greyhounds are far better off in homes with loving families. Of course the sad thing is so many never get even the opportunity to find a loving home.

It’s time to shut greyhound racing down, across the US and worldwide. There are a host of options for people to gamble their dollars away on. Let the people who work in the dog racing industry find jobs in the casinos and release the dogs from this cruelty – now.

2 thoughts on “Report: Ticks crawling up wall in kennel at Tucson Greyhound Park

  1. if men want to bet money on races, i would like to see them rely on their own strengths instead of an animals. time to let the animals go and race cars, boats, bikes, kites … whatever, but leave animals out of your ego problems.

  2. I agree. I’ve often stated that horse racing is not a sport. It would only be a sport if the horses got to ride on the backs of the jockeys.

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