Living with the Rescue Pack

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I’ve been thinking of late about the oddities my wife and I experience on an almost daily basis, living with our band of rescued dogs. The current dynamics within the family pack have changed quite a bit over the last couple to three years.

We’ve lost several seniors over that span, who lived to a range of 14 to around 16 years of age. One was the ruler of the canine roost. I didn’t realize how much Zulu, a lab-mix, had managed the others and maintained a sense of stability – until she wasn’t around.

Now, we have a younger median age and a much more – lets say active – household.

Petey is among the youthful, more recent additions to the family. What were we thinking.

As I was putting together this post, I needed a photo of Petey, who is probably about 1.5 years old. I grabbed the smart phone and called him over to the desk. Unfortunately, the camera’s shutter wasn’t fast enough or smart enough to catch an image that was not blurred by his constantly-moving motor.

This was the best I could come up with and only because he paused very briefly when something caught his eye out the window. Petey is probably a red bone hound/basset mix and he’s become quite the neighborhood celebrity.

He had heartworms when he came to us – through an area municipal shelter. His previous people obviously failed to give him heartworm preventative. He’s on his last week or so of having to stay clam during the treatment period.

As is the case with children in families some of ours get along like best buddies. But there are a couple that don’t enjoy each others company so much. Petey and Tillie (a basset/yellow lab mix) really enjoy each other.

Over the weekend the pair was playing on a large bed in my office/playroom. At one point, I turned around at my desk to find Petey and Tillie laying down, face-to-face on the bed and literally smooching. They were nose-to-nose (touching) and licking each other in what could best be described as a French kiss.

I didn’t really know what to make of that. Most of the stories I’ll tell here going forward won’t be quite so provocative. At least I hope so anyway.

On a semi-regular basis on the PM Blog, I’ll offer some reality-show insight into our lives – with only a few tidbits of video. I’m not a fan of those fake-ish TV reality shows. I just made up that phrase “fake-ish” – but it correctly describes them.

We’ll call our series – “Living with the Rescue Pack.”