Greyhound found locked in coyote trap, with amputated ear

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A greyhound was recently found near Austin, Texas – locked in a coyote trap. He was severely emaciated and one of his ears had been cut off.

As reported by – “” When a greyhound is no longer profitable in racing, some owners will cut the ear off so they can’t be traced back. “” This is done so that no one will be able to see the ear tattoo.

Greyhound Protection League is thankfully involved in the case, as it is a rescue organization that speaks out strongly against greyhound racing. A special Pack Mentality Blog thank you goes out to the Greyhound Protection League and to KXAN for including the bit of factual reporting about what happens to too many ex-racing greyhounds.

Getting news out in this way is good journalism.

On a very important side note, I should point out that this case serves as another piece of evidence as to why wildlife traps should be banned. The animals can be caught, as this dog was, and can then suffer for days. It is a slow, agonizing death.