Murphy’s Laws: Elected officials; puppy mill breeders

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Murphy the rescue lab offers an on-going list of new laws – MURPHY’S LAWS – from the vault of animal common sense.

** You, the reader, can offer your amendments to Murphy’s Laws in the comment section below.

Federal Statute 1003: Elected officials at the local, state or federal levels who vote against new regulations that will improve conditions in breeding operations or against new regulations that will lead to more puppy mills being shut down, will be required to work in any operation where dogs or other animals are being rescued from substandard operations.

The offending parties will be required to help remove the animals from their cages and bathe them, without the use any facial masks to protect them from the stinging odors, which the dogs in puppy mills suffer through every day of their lives.

Federal Statue 1004: Convicted puppy-mill breeders will, in addition to prison time, pay fines equal to the cost incurred to care for all of the dogs in their mill – over the course of their remaining lifetime. And the mill operator will be required to pay all of the costs incurred from the rescue operation and for 25 future inspections of other breeding facilities.