Pack Topics: Dog fighting; puppy mills

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Senate hits at harsher penalties attending dog and cock fights: The US Senate has added a provision to its latest Farm Bill that would toughen up the sentencing and fines for those convicted of attending dog fights or cock fights – and imposes extra penalties for those who bring along a minor. The vote for the amendment was 88-11. The question becomes – who could vote against it?

Hopefully, the 11 merely thought it should be a separate bill altogether. The US House is still working on its version of the Farm Bill.

Dog rescued from Missouri fighting ring fighting for his life: A severely injured dog was rescued Friday from a fighting ring in St. Louis, Mo. Surgeons had to amputate his injured leg and at last report Norm was in critical condition.

Raid on alleged puppy mill in Arkansas: More than 100 dogs found in “deplorable conditions” were seized from a property in Lonoke County, Ark. Thursday afternoon. The dogs were reportedly caged in areas with little cold water or shade, in temperatures reaching nearly 110 degrees.

Charges are pending against the property owner.