Movie includes an animal welfare message

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I was taking a brief break today to flip through a few cable TV channels to see if anything interesting hit me. I stopped on a movie channel that was showing a film set in Africa. The scenes of wildlife caught my attention.

One of the characters was looking for white rhinos. The description of the film on the cable guide noted he was a zoologist.

When three people on screen came across the body of a dead rhino with its horn cut off, the zoologist stopped and said, “Stupid, ignorant. That animal walked this Earth at least 4 million years before man ever stood up straight. Killed for the horn.”

The movie was “Rhino!” – from 1964. That’s 48 years ago that murdering animals for their horns was being depicted in a negative light. We are 48 years later and it is still happening. We have advanced in many ways over five decades. But in some ways, elements of barbaric behaviors and acts such as – against humans and animals – are still around.

It is sad. And it is sad that not enough is being done to prevent it.