Birds ingesting alarming amount of plastic along west-coast shorelines

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The Canadian Press is reporting on a story that highlights the horrible rate at which irresponsible people are polluting the Earth’s oceans. Necropsies of deceased birds are finding their stomachs are full of pieces of plastic.

Once again, as is the case with the extreme level of homelessness in cats and dogs, irresponsible people are to blame.

The Canadian Press story reports bellyfuls of plastic were found in 93 percent of the necropsies performed on 67 beached seabirds from the coasts of B.C., Washington and Oregon, between October 2009 and April 2010. One bird had 454 pieces of plastic in its stomach.

I wonder how far beyond the upper-west coach this problem exists.

When irresponsible people toss their trash into rivers and streams and tidal creeks and along shorelines, this is the end result. It’s sad to consider what these people are doing to our planet – one irresponsible person at a time – all around the globe.