Pack Topics: Burning cases alarm animal lovers in Philly; Ocean acidification

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Pet burning cases in Philly: Four cases of someone burning a pet have occurred over the last six weeks in Philadelphia.

On her Philly Dawg blog on the website, Amy Worden is calling it an epidemic. Amy Worden offers links to the four cases and notes there was a fifth recent cruelty case where a woman poured ammonia on two stray cats.

A rise in ocean acid levels: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration chief Jane Lubchenco told the Associated Press recently that ocean acidification is the “equally evil twin” of climate change.

As we pump more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, more is absorbed by the Earth’s oceans, which is believed to be the cause of this problem. It is a big threat to the health of the coral reefs and marine wildlife.

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  1. If you compute the total amount of CO2 added to the carbon cycle by burning fossil fuels, it turns out to be double the increase observed in the atmosphere (big as that increase has been). The remaining carbon is obviously going somewhere, and it’s clear from direct measurements that one of those places is the oceans. CO2 absorbed in water forms carbonic acid, and it would be pretty amazing if increasing the amount of carbonic acid in the ocean didn’t lower the pH. The change in pH is numerically small, but again basic chemistry tells us that a small change can have large biological consequences.

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