Pack Topics: Puppy mill raid; HSUS report on the AKC hitting the news cycle

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Mississippi puppy mill rescue: Over 70 dogs were rescued Tuesday from an alleged puppy mill in Stone County, Miss. – as reported by the Sun Herald.

The dogs were housed in what was described as “unlivable” conditions – “rusty cages and makeshift shelters covered in urine, feces and roaches with no water and inedible food.”

But as we read stories such as this one, we are reminded of organizations that are fighting to block new regulations on puppy mills:

ABC News is one of the news outlets reporting on the Humane Society of the United States’ report about the American Kennel Club and its frequent battles against new regulations. And Global Animal ran a piece on this topic on its website.

And on both links, we find comments of the same-old-tired variety – many of which attack the HSUS as a way to divert the topic of discussion. The underlying mission is to block any new regulations on puppy mills.

And I’m yet to see anyone make a reasonable argument for allowing dogs to be caged 24/7, without medical care or any time for exercise and play – all of which are vitally important to the health and welfare of the dogs. Opponents are regularly fighting against proposals at the state and federal levels to offer basic care for breeding dogs.

It’s a position lacking in any compassion at all.