Let’s work together on anti-puppy mill legislation

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I want to keep hammering away at this puppy mill topic, to ride the tide of media attention swirling around the state of North Carolina right now, in the wake of another puppy mill raid.

So what better time than now to put our Pack of Brains together once again for another round of BUILD THAT BILL – to develop the best possible legislation to attack this huge problem of puppy-mill breeding. At the risk of sending the AKC and its brethren into a mental meltdown, let’s get started. You can chime in with your proposals in the comment section.

Regular Exercise and Play: Breeding dogs will be allowed X hours of time outside of their cages/kennels. (This one is extremely important, as no breeder should be allowed to cage their dogs 24/7.)

Minimum Age Restrictions: The sale of puppies under the age of 12 weeks will be prohibited. Breeders will be required to allow the puppies to remain with moms and siblings throughout this stag in their lives. (This is extremely important to proper socialization.)

Regular Veterinary Care: Breeders will be required to offer their breeding dogs and puppies regular veterinary checkups, care and vaccinations. Breeders found to have failed to offer a dog or dogs veterinary care for injuries or other serious medical conditions – within a reasonable time frame – will be subject to having their license revoked.

That’s a start to build on. So what are your suggestions?