Pack Topics: Animal cruelty; dog fighting; puppy mills

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Act of cruelty leads child to an act of compassion: The body of a cat was discovered recently in a park in South Minneapolis, with a stake driven through its throat and into a tree stump.

A local child was so saddened by the act that he worked with his parents to organize a vigil at the park, as reported by the Twins Cities Daily Planet. Half of the people who attended the vigil where kids.

For his efforts, Spencer Snyder and his parents get a well-deserved Pack of Compassion Award.

Judge gets standing ovation for dog-fighting sentence: A judge in Ohio got a lot of praise from local animal-welfare advocates when she called the convicted dog fighter “a monster” and apparently sentenced him to the maximum allowed – six months in  jail, five years community control, more than $12,000 in fines, restitution and court costs. And he is never allowed to have animals again.

Pet store owner sees the light on selling puppies: A pet store owner in California wrote an opinion piece for the Burbank Leader, reporting she no longer sells puppies. Her experiences with the transporters, who delivered the puppies to the store and the reality that she was selling puppy-mill puppies, led to her decision.

Sometimes the truck would show up without all of the puppies she had ordered and sometimes the driver would try to sell her sick puppies at a reduced rate. This is part of the ugly underbelly of the pet trade that the pet trade does not want anyone to see.