Pack Topic: Ferret mills

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There are puppy mills and kitten mills; unfortunate but true. And there are mills of all sorts for other pets in the pet trade, including ferrets. The mass “production” of pets is a real problem, but too many people walk into pet stores without considering where the animals come from.

Triple F Farms in Sayre, Pa. is being accused by the the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) of several violations of the Animal Welfare Act. Small Animal Channel is reporting the facility is being offered “the choice of waiving its right to a hearing and paying a penalty of $16,679, or proceeding with a hearing” – and it paid the fine.

On her Philly Dawg blog, Amy Worden reports the charges came on the heels of an undercover investigation by PETA. Worden explained the videos show “disturbing images of ferrets with gaping wounds, exposed internal organs, ruptured and bloody eyes, left to suffer with no veterinary care.”

Once again, it took an undercover video effort to expose the horrors at this mill. Some people will be immediately turned off by PETA being involved. But the results in this case are clear – whether PETA was involved or not.