AKC fighting against ban on gas chambers

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The American Kennel Club is stepping way over the line. I don’t even know where the organization is going. It seems to be opposing ANY animal-welfare bill. I would not be surprised at this point to read where it was speaking out against bans on dog fighting.

I say all this after reading – on the Philly Dawg blog – about the latest news that the AKC is opposing a bill to ban gas chambers to euthanize pets in Pennsylvania. Anyone with a minimal amount of knowledge about animals such as dogs and cats understands the level of suffering that can take place inside a gas chamber, most notably the mental suffering.

Gas chambers are horror chambers. And too often they are used in ways not allowed by local regulations. The vast number of shelters that are not using gas chambers are proof-positive. No shelter should ever use a gas chamber.

But again, I wish we were not even having this discussion of euthanizing homeless pets. And I ask again, when will society and our justice system start holding the people and entities that are responsible for this problem – responsible.

The AKC and Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs are also opposing a bill to require those charged with animal cruelty either turn over their pets or pay for animal’s care until the case is completed.