Pack Topics: dog fighting and greyhound racing

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In Georgia on Tuesday, police uncovered a dog-fighting training facility. One individual has been charged with dog fighting and cruelty to animals.

An piece reports a group of prison inmates was clearing brush in the wooded area and found a cooler with the remains of a dog inside. When officers raided the site, they found cages, chains, a treadmill, vitamins and steroids with used syringes.

AND – way over in New Zealand, it is the same-old, same-old, sad-old story, when it comes to greyhound racing.

A 3News story includes the following: “” The 60 Minutes investigation found the track isn’t the biggest killer – it’s the dog trainers themselves. Up to 1000 are euthanised every year once they’re no longer fast enough to race and win. “”

And it seems many of these dogs are listed as “retired” in the industry’s records. It is all about greed and profit – period.