ASPCA: Puppies are not toys, so don’t buy them from stores

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The ASPCA is promoting an effort to have everyone sign an important pledge: “If a pet store sells puppies, I won’t buy anything there.” And the site features this important video:

For more information and to sign the pledge, go to

In my home city, we thankfully no longer have any stores that sell puppies. There are stores selling puppies in neighboring counties.

I don’t really understand how – with the information available here in 2012 – stores are still able to sell puppies at all. But it seems there are enough uneducated people around to maintain their sales.
I do occasionally see signs along the side of city streets, selling AKC-registered puppies. Do people still think that means something?

Smart people wouldn’t buy a computer from someone selling them through hand-written roadside signs. Why would they buy a puppy or kitten, knowing the parent dogs are probably suffering in a backyard or puppy mill somewhere?