Video exposes the deplorable conditions greyhound breeding dogs endure for racing

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The GREY 2KUSA video below exposes what the organizations terms rightfully as the “Secret Life of Greyhound Puppies.” But of course, this includes the horrible life the parent dogs endure in racing.

GREY2K reports the video was pulled off YouTube for a time, after a breeder filed what it deemed to be a false copyright claim. YouTube restored the video after GREY2K responded to the claim.

Let’s call this what it is – a puppy mill.

Clearly, the racing industry does not want images such as this shown to the outside world. Some insiders constantly claim dogs in the racing industry live better lives than pets living with families in loving homes. People with working brain cells – a good majority of us – can easily recognize moon-is-made-of-cheese propaganda.

GREY2K has offered up yet another piece of evidence, on top of the mound of evidence, that should lead the handful of remaining states to ban dog racing forever.

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  1. If these dogs are coming to your group in the supposed shape you say they are why are you not reporting them. If you are seeing supposed abuse report it not complain about it on the internet. I have been working in greyhound adoption for years and maybe im one of the lucky groups but my dogs i get directly from the owners have always been in great shape, now the one from feeder groups that is not always the case.

  2. I guess it is time for the trainers to start taking pictures of the dogs as they leave the track for adoption again, Veronica and Jtwhoever you are. We had them doing it before, since there were some people who would pick up dogs and then hold them until they were looking horrible, emaciated, and then deliver them saying this is how they came from the track. Those people ARE still around, and probably a couple of them are monitoring OR are a part of those responding here. I have worked in adoption since the early 90’s and have seen a lot. VERY RARELY have I seen what a couple of you idiots seem to think is the norm. We had breeders DELIVER dogs to adoption groups, and would have all the shot records with them. We had breeders and trainers send pictures along and ask that the adopters keep in touch which most of them did do. I knew where my dogs (that raced) raced, and it so happens that the records on not on the greyhound data base; however, I knew by going online to the track and checking. My first grey had her litter registry tattoo; she never trained to race and I got her from the breeder when she was 8 months old. There was a litter registry but she was not shown when the individual dogs were registered. NOPE, she wasn’t killed but she never had a left ear tat so I could not find other info.
    I am going to recommend to the trainers and dog people that they start taking pictures..with DATES…to show the condition of the dogs when they leave the track and then when reports of dogs in bad condition surface, we can check to see what group or WHO picked the dog up..and we will also check to see how long it took the dog to get to the adoption group.

  3. Our dogs come right from the tracks, no one is holding them. We get them approximately 24 hours after them leaving the tracks and they look horrible. And who says we haven’t reported it? I am done. You can’t reason with a sick mind.

  4. Veronica, from which six tracks does your group obtain dogs? I don’t supposed you’d care do disclose the adoption group you work with? Asking because the folks following this discussion would be very interested in confirming your claim of dogs in poor condition so they can reporting it to the NGA should the allegations be true.

  5. Many greyhound rescue groups will not speak out against racing, for fear the tracks will cut them off from receiving dogs.
    Note the number of groups that bill themselves as “neutral” on the topic of racing.

    It’s the elephant in the room for some rescues.

    The images that do leak out from inside, the news stories and the reports about the condition of the dogs fresh off the tracks (damaged legs, etc.) paints a clear enough picture.

  6. I get so tired of reading the same lame excuses and hyperbole. This isn’t a matter of gamesmanship. Just because there are puppy mills that treat their dogs even worse than these breeders treated these dogs does not make the conditions appropriate or right. Dogs, including greyhounds, deserve better.

    As for the copyright issues, perhaps you folks claiming infringement should read up on copyright law. I understand GREY2K USA has posted the written response to YouTube that lead to the reinstatement of this video. That will give you a good starting point to find out why you’re all barking up the wrong tree. Again.

  7. Great post, Tom. Maybe it is time for some accountability in the racing industry. Most in it don’t know the final disposition of a racing dog. Others won’t admit what was done. Greyhound Data has limited info about a hound, reporting scant on their races. Where are the dogs now? This applies to all puppy mill-type breeding, but this is about the greyhounds. Perhaps the industry needs to prove they don’t put down dogs with treatable injuries. Perhaps they should allow people in to see the kennels. Transparency. If they are truly that altruistic, let’s see it.

  8. Well said, NanAndSchem. The industry keeps such great records, but then don’t bother tracking where the dogs go? Why? If they actually kept track, they’d have to admit the hundreds or thousands of dogs killed every year.

  9. The industry doesn’t want to count the dogs killed every year. It kinda throws off their 90-percent adoption-rate fantasy.

  10. Hey,earache, you know damn good and well that the tattoo numbers are on the dogs and adopters are (or in at least most groups but I doubt yours) are encouraged to pet register the greyhound. I have LISTENED to some of your buddies tell people they cannot contact NGA because the owner might come take the dog. SO, in a couple of cases, I took the people to my house, showed them my NGA pet registry, and had them contact NGA on my computer to send the paperwork to them…so they could pet register their dog. The kennel owners are NOT going to come repossess a dog..UNLESS you were involved in stealing some of them…makes me wonder about you. Sadly a lot of trainers and owners are duped into thinking someone is apart of an honest group and hands dogs over. And, as for jtgrady, the industry DOES know the numbers that are racing, any injuries, etc. BUT..when they leave the track with an adoption group, especially one that is dishonest, they cannot force an adopter or group to register the numbers and so those numbers are not traced.

  11. The NGA keeps great records of every pup…Not registered, can’t run….it’s that simple. As far as tracking your dog after it reaches the track and when it leaves the track, if ALL adopters would send back the blue slip that accompanies their dog on adoption, the NGA would be able to keep even better records. But, there are several groups, including the one you work with Eric, that refuse to do this….This signed slip would give you the owners name, address and phone number.

    About the copyright pictures. You better run and check the Facebook page of Grey2K because they have done it again. This time from an artist who has nothing to do with the racing side of greyhounds…With all the money you folks pull in surely there is an artist out there you feel comfortable enough with to ask them to draw you a picture??

    And to Veronica, you haven’t reported anything…If you did file any sort of report with the track it would be public knowledge, readily available and investigated.

    Nan and Shem – Eric was personally invited to visit farms and tracks and kennels. He declined, stating he learned everything he needed to know about greyhound racing from the internet. You yourself can visit..Farm and kennel tours are offered all the time. Or do you want to sneak your way in and take another video in the dark??

    And finally, Mr. Grady…hope you’re not using Frontline on your greyhounds….

  12. Grannygrey, keep your insults to yourself. Why does the NGA not keep track of the final disposition of the greyhounds, since they keep such excellent records, as you said, until that point? I mean, how much more work would it be for them to note whether a dog has died, been killed, or sent to an adoption group? It would be no trouble at all, IF they had a desire to track such things. But as Tom Grady pointed out, if they kept those records, they would have to admit there are still healthy dogs being killed because the owners/trainers can’t be bothered getting them to adoption.

  13. Suzy creamcheese, who made this invitation? When was it made? There was one offer to visit one farm in Kansas by an employee of that farm. That invitation included a veiled threat of physical violence.

    As I said to Grannygrey, why does the NGA suddenly drop the ball on tracking dogs at the end of their racing career? Why is the onus put on adopters who have no other connection to the NGA? Why are the trainers/owners not sending in such paperwork? Again, because if the NGA did track those numbers, their sham of “90% adoption” would be proven a lie.

    Have you, Suzy, done the requests for information that would reveal abuse allegations at tracks? That information may be publicly available, but that doesn’t mean it’s published. Have you done any investigation before you make this claim that nobody is reporting what goes on? And let me assure you, it does go on. There are trainers out there who refuse to come forward for fear of being shunned and blackballed by the industry. If they report what they see, the industry is likely to close ranks and force that person out of the business. Instead, because everyone needs a paycheck, they turn a blind eye to the inappropriate behaviors, allowing the greyhound racing industry to claim, “Not in our business.” No, not REPORTED in your business.

  14. Rescue groups are not under-reporting on the dogs they take in. They are pleased to report the number of greyhounds they adopt out each year.

    It is the racing industry that does not want to report on the number of dogs it kills every year.

    When the insider commented here a couple of years back that the number of dogs killed was not included in the adopted percentages, all of the other pro-racing folks commenting at the time suddenly stopped commenting.

  15. A veiled threat of physical violence?? Eric, it’s a dog farm!! There are probably 10 other people working there. You almost make it sound like a conspiracy theory. Perhaps I should run and get you a tinfoil hat??

    Owners/trainers return the yellow sheets to the NGA (I know from your extensive internet education you know what these are) when dogs leave the racing venue. The dogs then go to the adoption groups, who place them. Now how would the NGA know where these dogs are unless someone told them?? Thus the importance of the blue slip. It’s a verification of the dogs placement and it finishes the adoption process. Groups like yours, who refuse this step, break the chain. No one can tally correct numbers with information missing. But, on the other hand pro and neutral groups are not harping about the “missing” numbers, only those who are anti-racing and refuse to cooperate.

    Yes, I have done requests for abuse information. The same way Grey2K does it. Any complaint filed is automatically handed over to the State for investigation. The alleged perpetrator is given a hearing and those results are public and published….

    If you really understood how racing works you would know NO ONE can force you out of business. That’s just ridiculous. As far as being blackballed, I guess the track people who stepped forward to turn in Marshall Rae and Ronnie Wlliams were blackballed. Abuse is abuse. It hurts everyone, no one is afraid to speak out about it…

  16. Suzy, how do you go from a veiled threat from one employee to a “conspiracy theory”? And you offer me a tinfoil hat? Ha ha.

    Anyone can be forced out of business if there is a concerted effort by others in the business, especially a business as small and tight as greyhound racing. If you don’t believe that, then you truly are delusional.

  17. Because there was no veiled threat Eric, except in your own mind. Bottom line is you thought you’d be around a bunch of pro-racing people and you were scared – scared they were right, scared you’d see happy, well taken care of dogs. You were scared that what you saw at the farm would blow all of your stupid ideas right out of the water…but it’s easy to sprout BS on the internet and that’s what you and Grey2K do Eric, sprout BS.

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