First Pack News Wire of 2013

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Hope everyone had a safe and pleasant New Years Night. A couple of our rescues are a bit fearful about the fireworks, but it wasn’t too bad.

Let’s start the year off with some news items that crossed the Pack News Wire over the last couple of days.

We need more of this: An egg producer in the UK is being recognized for its high standards of animal welfare. Yorkshire Farmhouse is known as the UK’s largest producer free range eggs. The company has seen a significant increase in sales over the past several years, disproving the false claim that companies must use inhumane factory-farm tactics to be profitable.

Michigan Humane Society program working with at-risk kids: The Humane Society of Huron Valley is working with at-risk kids to turn the tide of animal cruelty. We need more programs like this all across the nation – in schools, churches, etc – for all kids.

18 charged with attending a dog fight: In Indiana, 18 people were arrested and charged with attending an animal fighting contest. The big problem? – These are misdemeanor charges.

The state legislatures all over need to make sure any association with animal fighting is a serious felony.

In Michigan has increased the penalties for animal fighting: Way to go Michigan. As of now, dog and cockfighting operators can be prosecuted as a criminal enterprise and the penalties can run up to 20 years in prison, with fines up to $100,000.

Gov. Rick Snyder signed the bill into law on December 12. The USA Today reports – “” The new laws also allow police to seize homes and vehicles associated with animal fighting; shut down any venue associated with animal fighting and declare it a nuisance; and add animal fighting, shooting and baiting to the list of racketeering crimes. “”