It’s January – and insects are singing and stinging here in Carolina

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I’ve lived in my hometown all of my life. But I never recall a time in a past mid-January when crickets and other insects were making their music, mosquitoes were biting and moths were flying around the porch lights. All of that has occurred over the last 24 hours here – and today I was sweating, just sitting in the backyard watching the dogs play.

My neighborhood experience is not the end-all evidence of climate change, but it’s another bit of evidence.

For decades, I’ve been a last holdout to put away the short pants. Through Christmas or a little beyond, I would suffer even a cold spell or two to keep wearing shorts. Every fall, when the softball league I played in reached its fall tournament in November, it was chilly and I was often the only player still in shorts.

But eventually, I’d have to relent and go to mostly bluejeans or other long pants once January rolled in. It hasn’t been the case over the past few years and certainly not this winter. We have had a few colder nights, but November 2012 was decidedly cooler than December 2012. I was taking down Christmas decorations the other day in a T-shirt.

It seems to me the wildlife has picked up on the trend as well. Birds were chirping and the weather was mild this morning when I stepped out to the street to get the newspaper, as if it was April 13 – not January 13.

The science is in and the global and backyard evidence is in. We are experiencing climate change and man-made factors are playing a role.


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  1. I have the impression that lots of people take down Christmas decorations wearing shorts. Years ago on the Roseanne show, John Goodman was untangling a massive ball of Christmas tree lights and a friend asked him why he hadn’t taken the time to put the lights away carefully to start with. He looked up in amazement and said, “What? And ruin my Easter?”

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