A good decision and a horrible one

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Let’s start with a horrible decision by a judge, one based solely on politics and in no way based on logic or laws. And it certainly was not based on compassion or looking to the future.

The Associated Press reports a federal judge in Alaska has shut down a plan to designate 187,000 square miles in the state as habitat for polar bears, a species very much threatened by habitat loss and climate change. The AP article reports – “” U.S. District Judge Ralph Beistline, in a written order dated Thursday, said the designation was too extensive and presented “a disconnect between the twin goals of protecting a cherished resource and allowing for growth and much needed economic development.” “”

Oil and gas companies and a coalition of Alaska Native groups joined the state of Alaska in a lawsuit challenging the plan.

Alaska Governor Sean Parnell called the region “… massive sections of resource-rich North Slope lands …” So if we translate all of the information above, we can squeeze it all down to this: ‘The greedy can make a lot of money off this land. Our children’s future and the existence of endangered wildlife have no value.’

The judge sided with the greedy. Are we shocked? And finally, get this: U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) called the polar bear populations “abundant and healthy.” How uneducated can one individual be?

In much better news, it seems the US Army is looking to finally ban the use of goats in trauma training. The Fayetteville Observer out of North Carolina reports Fort Bragg slaughters 300 goats each month in studying wounds.

Here’s the key paragraph from the article: “” The 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, signed into law this month, requires the Department of Defense to provide Congress with a strategy and detailed timeline by March for the replacement of animals for medical training. “”

The use of animals for this research and training is stuck in the past. As the article notes, simulators, such as”cut suits” are far better. It’s an important news story and one those who support the use of animals need to read. It’s 2013 and we should no longer opt for animal cruelty, especially in cases such as this where technology has risen above it.