Another example of how weak the EPA is

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Some politicians have been calling for a shutdown of the Environmental Protection Agency. Others are at least calling for pull-back of regulations and EPA oversight. These people claim the EPA has been overstepping its bounds and has been holding back economic development.

The facts clearly oppose these notions and today we have another example of how weak the EPA really is.

The Associate Press reports a homeowner in Weatherford, Texas was seeing strange things happening with their water, back in 2010. The EPA seemed to be ready to act with an emergency order. But two years later, the agency dropped the effort and is refusing to explain the reason behind the move.

The Associated Press has obtained a report it says indicates the EPA changed course, despite scientific evidence against the company drilling for natural gas nearby – Range Resources. Under pressure from the industry and politicians, the EPA intentionally fumbled the ball away.

Once again, profit wins over the general welfare of the public and our environment.