Pack News Wire: Puppy mills and greyhound racing

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Sometimes, it is the headline over news stories that really jumps out at us. At times, the headlines carry a ridiculous, albeit accurate review of the article or column – or maybe not. Two examples:

“Limit of dog racing called devastating”: This one ran on the New Hampshire Union Leader website.

Grey2K USA led the effort to officially ban greyhound racing in the state in 2010. Unfortunately, gamblers can still wager on the simulcasting of races from other states, where elected officials still don’t have an understanding of the terms ‘animal welfare’ and ‘compassion.’

The effort is underway to limit or ban gambling on the simulcasted races. But at least one casino is claiming it will put the facility out of business. Are that many people really still that clueless about dog racing? And couldn’t they just gamble on cards and dice and football and slot machines?

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“Puppy mill debate – Bark worse than bite?”: The article ran on The Acorn website out of Agoura Hills, Calif.

The text below the headline tries a bit to tamp down the debate on selling puppies out of stores, but it does not offer evidence that should lead anyone to buying a puppy in any store. It’s just not a good idea at all. Truly responsible breeders require customers to go through an application and interview process and offer responsible guarantees.

Responsible breeders do not want impulse buying, as people might buy a TV or DVD player. And when a read about or hear a store owner claim they only sell puppies from great breeders, I want to know how we’re suppose to know that.

The puppy mill debate is real. It is not a case of the bark being worse than the bite.