Pack Topics: Factory farming; dog fighting legislation; light sentencing

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Dog Fighting Bill: The ASPCA is cheering the latest federal legislative efforts to strengthen animal fighting laws.

Should the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act become the law of the land, attending an organized animal fight would be a federal offense, as would be the act of bringing a minor to an animal fight.

Let’s all hope this bill is signed into law – very soon.

Another light sentence for dog fighting: A man arrested for dog fighting in New Jersey has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge (fourth-degree animal cruelty) and was sentenced to just three years probation – with the emphasis on the word ‘just.’

An article posted Friday on notes – “” Investigators found treadmills rigged for dogs, spiked collars, dogfighting videos and batteries used to shock dogs … “” And get this; despite all of that evidence, he will not go to jail – and only during the probation period will he be barred from possessing animals.

When will mandatory, extended prison sentences and lifetime bans on possessing animals become the only option for judges, in cases of horrible acts of cruelty? How can any elected official anywhere or any judge anywhere be supportive of the current system?  The level of punishment in these cases only shows support for criminals.

Actress promoting factory farming reforms: Actress Kristen Bell is calling for the end in the use of gestation crates for pigs. She expressed those concerns directly to the CEO of the National Pork Producers Council.