Once again, breeder groups fighting against anti-puppy mill legislation

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A federal judge blocked on Thursday efforts by dog-breeding organizations to overturn a new anti-puppy mill law in Texas.

The Licensed Breeders Act includes requirements both dog and cat breeders must follow, notably those who house 11 or more females and sell 20 or more puppies or kittens each year. These breeders must be licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations and engage in minimum standards of care for the dogs and cats.
And regular inspections are part of the regulations.

An article posted on the Culture Map website notes the regulations include “” humane housing, annual veterinary care and daily exercise. “”

So when we look at these regulations, we see nothing that is overbearing or extreme in any way. Any breeder should be able to follow these guidelines. Yet ,the Texas Tribune reported Friday that “” an animal owners’ association representing more than 300 American Kennel Club groups is pledging a renewed fight against the law. “”

A group known as the Responsible Pet Owners Alliance filed a lawsuit last October against the law, trying in part to argue the law allows inspectors on the property of breeders without a warrant. It’s a silly argument and one that certainly could not be used to ban restaurant health inspections.