Animal welfare legislative update

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The Pack News Wire has featured several news stories concerning legislative action in various states.

Request in for a vote on Michigan wolf hunting: Animal welfare advocates in the state are pushing for a vote, in an effort to ban wolf hunts. The Detroit Free Press article reminds us that the federal government wrongly dropped endangered species protection for wolves and Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill in December that designates wolves as game animals. The Natural Resources Commission will get the final word on the issue.

Animal advocates are gather signatures on a petition, to force a referendum.

A need for better cruelty laws in Kentucky: The latest push in Kentucky is for better laws to protect animals from cruelty. The WBKO article notes the state is known as one of best in the country for abusers to live, due to the current, weak regulations.

Pennsylvania House votes to require guardians of seized animals to pay for their care: The Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs and the American Kennel Club don’t like this one. Of course, it seems the AKC fights against any protections for animals.

House Bill 82 passed January 23 by a 163-34 vote. The Reporter website notes that under the “Costs of Care of Seized Animals Act,” welfare organizations would be able to “” petition the court to seek “reasonable costs of care” — up to $15 per animal per day for food, water, and shelter, plus necessary medical costs as determined by a veterinarian –  “” from those facing criminal charges.