Great News – IFAW says whaling industry is “dead in the water”

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A report has been published today by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), that reportedly will show the Japanese whaling industry is in a steep decline. I hope this is correct, in a big way.

And it seems the industry cannon survive without big taxpayer subsidies. Why the Japanese taxpayers would want their money wasted on this cruel industry, is beyond sound reasoning.

The Guardian has seen the report and in an article published Monday, the site notes the IFAW is suggesting the country drop whaling and turn the resources to whale watching tours. And the story notes “whale meat consumption has fallen to about 1% of its 1960s peak ..”

It is time for Japan and other whaling nations to drop the horrible practice once and for all and it needs to drop the whaling-for-research scam. These endangered animals are highly intelligent and they do not deserve the suffering they endure, all in the name of satisfying the few people who want to claim eating them is some sort of tradition. And they apparently want to claim that eating them into extinction is part of that tradition.

Warped individuals used to keep slaves in the United States and others burned people alive who they claimed were witches. They could have claimed it was a tradition, but more logical and compassionate minds prevailed.

The report is now on the IFAW website.