IMPORTANT VIDEO: End Mountaintop Removal Now

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This is one of THE most under-reported tragedies in the United States. The practice of mountaintop removal for coal is a crime against all of us.

As the video notes, about 500 mountains have been destroyed by mining operations, as they blow up beautiful, majestic monuments of nature and the streams below them. If you are a person who strongly believes in God, you should be irate, as these greedy people blow up what God created, for no other reason than to line the pockets of a few CEOs.

If you are a person who might not be so much on the religious side, you too should be irate – knowing that nature is being destroyed in this way. And officials with state governments and the federal government are ignoring this massive tragedy.

The kids who appear in this video have a far higher level of intelligence and awareness than so many politicians in this country. Yet, we have just enough uneducated people around who regularly vote for the politicians who support crimes like this. This is a tragedy in and of itself.

So as the video suggests, there is no excuse for this level of stupidity and apathy.