North Dakota Senate acts to weaken animal-cruelty law

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Why is it that some elected officials across the country regularly act to protect criminals and punish victims? We see this too often in actions to protect violent offenders, those who abuse children, drunk drivers and those who engage in cruelty to animals from harsh criminal penalties.

Other than law enforcement officers, the criminal justice system seems hell bent on making sure criminals get off easy. The people who defend this system or prop it up seem to have very little regard for the victims of crime – humans or animals.

We find the latest example in North Dakota, where the Bismarck Tribune reports the state senate has voted to weaken the animal welfare bill. The article states animal abuse, neglect or abandonment is a misdemeanor for a first offense and then becomes a felony for a second or subsequent offense within a five-year period.

The wacky ND Senate has acted to keep the second offense a misdemeanor, while extending the frame to 10 years. But why give someone a pass for a second offense? Do we have to continue to be soft on crimes such as this?