Quick – Surprise your loved one with a Farm Animal Adoption for Valentine’s Day

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I’m a bit late posting this, but here goes.

The Farm Sanctuary, billed as America’s largest farm animal rescue and protection organization, is hoping animal lovers will choose to Adopt A Farm Animal for a Valentine’s Day present this year, as opposed to the traditional flowers and candy.

You can sponsor a rescued cow, pig, sheep, goat, or chicken who resides at one of Farm Sanctuary’s three shelters in New York and California. The recipients will receive an adoption certificate, which features a color photograph, adoption card, and an invitation to schedule a VIP tour to meet their adopted friend.

From the Farm Sanctuary release:

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Farm Sanctuary is a special place. A place of healing. A place of understanding. A place of trust. And for some rescued residents such as Elle and Randy, Farm Sanctuary is a place to find true love.

When Elle was rescued from a backyard butcher in 2009, she was extremely malnourished… and very pregnant. She received the care that she needed to deliver two healthy, beautiful babies.

A few months later, Randy joined the herd at our Southern California Shelter after being rescued from severe neglect. Randy and Elle found each other, and love bloomed. Randy has adopted Elle’s kids as his own, and now they live together as a loving family.

Sponsor Elle or Randy individually, or sponsor them as a couple.

Or make a one-time Valentine gift for the sanctuary animals.

A farm animal sponsorship is a thoughtful, cute, compassionate, original, and all-around wonderful way to share some love this Valentine’s Day! It’s the perfect way to help animals and show you care — whether it’s for your sweetheart, your mom, dad, sister, brother, a special friend, or for yourself.

Sponsors receive an adoption certificate with a color photograph of their adopted friend, an invitation to schedule a VIP tour to meet their adopted friend, and other benefits depending on the animal.

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