This story reflects one key reason why dog fighting still exists

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Why is dog fighting still a major problem in this country? One key answer to this question is the fact that the punishment for this horrible crime is too often very, very weak.

Case in point – Shelby County, Ohio, where a father, mother and son are set to be sentenced for dog fighting. reports the maximum sentence each one them faces is 90 days in jail and as much as a $750 fine. To his credit, the County Sheriff is seeking over $27,000, to cover the cost of the investigation and the care of the dogs.

Realize that they will not serve the full 90 days, on top of the fine being a joke. And I will be surprised to hear that they’ve actually been forced to pay the restitution.

This penalty is less than a slap on the wrist to people who have the mental capacity to torture animals. When will our state legislatures, our federal government and our judicial system understand this? Who could possible think this weak level of punishment is appropriate?