A disgusting promotion of the greyhound racing industry

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I found a particularly disgusting editorial about dog racing on the Pack News Wire – under the headline, Queensland Greyhound Racing – It Needs to Change.” When I saw the headline, on the Australian Racing Greyhound website, my first thought was that the writer wanted some positive changes, maybe to protect the dogs. I was wrong.

The writer’s phrasing is a bit troubling at a number of points in the text. He uses the phrase “product” in a statement about encouraging people to get involved in the industry. He calls racing a “thrill.”

He worries there are more negative Facebook pages about dog racing than positive pages. I can offer an explanation for that – the news out of racing is negative. He wants the comments about the horrors of racing to change.

So no push for eliminating the horrors – just a desire to stop the negative comments. What he wants is better propaganda.

What people with compassion want is an end to the abuse.



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