The IdiocyRod Sled Race begins in Alaska

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Yet another IdiocyRod Sled Race has started in Alaska – something commonly known as the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. The name is derived from the word “idiot.” – Or at least the founders wanted to open the door for animal-welfare types like me to change it to IdiocyRod.

People who don’t yet understand the suffering the dogs endure, regularly praise the people who ride in the sled behind the dogs, as if they are somehow considered athletes. Let’s get this strait – they ride along in the sled. Sure – it’s cold out. But people get more work in by shoveling a long driveway after a big snowstorm.

I know supporters of the IdiocyRod will try to claim I don’t know what I’m taking about. (It’s a weak try, but they might try.) They’ll claim the dogs get great care and that the biped participants are world-class athletes. Yeah – right. And puppy mill operators and the greyhound racing industry always claim their dogs get the best care and that they truly love animals. Thankfully, most people don’t buy it.

The first real sports story from this annual event will only arise when the humans are strapped in front of the sled and the dogs get to ride in the back. Or better yet, just leave the dogs inside where it’s warm and comfy and let the humans pull around sleds loaded with bricks for hundreds of miles or more.

I’d actually watch that event on TV.