Wacky Mentality Quote of the Day

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A member of the Washington State House of Representatives reportedly has stated bicyclists create more pollution than motorists. Yes, this appears to be a true story. But I hope it is not.

A RawStory.com article reports State Rep. Ed Orcutt tried to tie a bicyclist’s increased rate of respiration with increased pollution. When contacted by a blogger about the comment, Orcutt took his wacky take a step further, as reported by The Raw Story:

Reached for comment, Orcutt told Seattle Bike Blog that “you would be giving off more CO2 if you are riding a bike than driving in a car,” although he admitted to having no evidence to back the claim.

Why do people like this make such tin-foil-hat claims? Don’t they know about the news media and the Internet and really important stuff like say … science and facts?

The article moved on to cite comparisons with auto emissions. Okay that’s fine. But why not ask Orcutt if he realizes what he is really suggesting. If our collective act of breathing – and even exercising – adds to pollution, then the more people, the more pollution. If Orcutt thinks he’s right, then he should be pushing for strategies to reduce human population growth.

But what comes out of the tailpipe of a car is far more than what we discharge naturally with breathing – at least for most of us.

But I compare this with some local news stories in my home state a few years back that blamed wildlife for pollution in local waterways. So we drain off millions of acres of wetlands and mow down wildlife habitat and pave paradise and some people want to blame the wildlife for going to the bathroom.

What are they supposed to do, find portable toilets to use?