Interesting Reads: Puppy mills; Greyhound racing; Dog fighting

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North Carolina resident Bud Wright’s editorial about dog fighting, published March 1 on the Daily Advance website, is a good one. His thoughts were prompted by a recent dog-fighting ring bust in the northeast corner of the state.

He put the topic in the right context with this statement, near the end of the piece:

I won’t mince words. Anyone who participates in this sickening slaughter — at any level — no longer qualifies for the designation “human,” in my opinion.

Well done.

On the topic of greyhound racing, a feature about Greyhound Connection (out of California) ran February 27 on the UT San Diego website. The co-founder of the organization is quoted as saying thousands of greyhounds are destroyed each year and that “usually by the age of 5 they are pretty beaten up.”

I’m really pleased when I read about a greyhound rescue group that speaks out against greyhound racing. Some bill themselves as ‘neutral.’ But the two primary goals for every racing dog rescue group should be to save as many dogs as possible and to shut down dog racing.

AND – an article ran Monday on the website out of Kentucky, under the headline, “Puppy Mills on the Rise.” It estimates there are between 2,000 and 3,000 USDA licensed breeders operating in the United States. But there are untold numbers of breeders operating outside the scope of the the USDA.

The article also notes the Humane Society of the US estimates between 2 and 4 million puppy mills are sold in this country each year here.

For all of those pro-puppy millers who regularly claim there’s not a definition for the phrase ‘puppy mill,’ the article offers yet another one:

A puppy mill is a large-scale commercial dog breeding operation that puts profits over the well-being of dogs. These dogs are severely mistreated and neglected their whole lives.

That is a good definition, among many.