Great blog post about the Iditarod (IdiocyRod) – on Tucson Tails

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As she always does, Karyn Zoldan has provided some great information on the animal-welfare front – this time in reporting about the Iditarod Dog Sled Race – or as I’ve renamed it – “The IdiocyRod.” And she rightfully notes where sled dog racing is exactly like greyhound racing.

One of the many links she provided in the post offers some extremely important information. Unwanted dogs are “culled” (killed) reportedly by the thousands. Some are devocalized so they cannot bark. Some have their teeth cut down – without even using an anesthetic.

They live lives of confinement when they are not racing and dogs are inbred in hopes of producing better racers. Most all of this looks a lot like greyhound racing.

How a civilized society can allow this is beyond reason. And as Karen points out, companies are sponsoring the event. And sadly, it considered to be a sport. It is NOT a sport.