Discovery Channel video shows dark side of sled-dog racing

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Even the people interviewed in this video who support the Iditarod Sled Dog Race are admitting its bad news for the dogs.

A vet talks about the routine skeletal, muscle and joint injuries and a segment of the footage shows the inhumane housing used for the dogs. And a park official show how little she really knows about dogs.

But the single most incredible quote from the video comes from the Director of Public Relations for the Iditarod. He says –

There’s a thing called life and death. And it just happens.

And then he claims the dogs “have one of the most caring safety nets he’s ever seen in his life.” He obviously is sheltered in racing and hasn’t witnessed much in the outside world.

Conveniently, complete records are not kept, most notably on deaths in training or the deaths that occur after races, as noted by the Discovery Channel report. Like greyhound racing, the numbers are hidden back in the shadows. After all, it is the IdiocyRod.

And note that around the 4:10 mark in the video, you see a dog with a missing ear.