Factory farming industry wants to hide acts of cruelty and block any protections for the animals

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Ag-gag laws: The trend is spreading – in an attempt to cover up the cruel practices within the factory-farming industry. I found one editorial on the Global Grind website from a writer who seems to incorrectly believe these laws will protect animals. Thankfully, a number of comments below the piece might educate her.

These “ag-gag” laws are clearly designed to hind acts of animal cruelty. This industry does not want its practices shown to the public – and to date, inspections by government agencies have apparently been conducted with blindfolds.

We must have stronger regulations and until then, the only way the public and the animals can be protected is through hidden-camera video. The industry knows this.

ABC News reported March 15 on six more states looking to close the curtain on animal suffering.

Indiana state Sen. Travis Holdman was quoted in the article. He wants to protect the industry, but his comment is telling.

“We don’t need a vigilante group out there with cameras and video cameras taking pictures of things that we just don’t like.”

So is he going to make sure these acts of cruelty that “we just don’t like” are exposed and offenders punished? Probably not. So his comment rings hollow. The six states where elected officials want to hide and protect acts of animal cruelty are – Nebraska, Indiana, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and California.

Animal Cruelty Law: In Idaho, a new bill to define animal torture is getting a challenge from the other side. The bill exempts “production agriculture,” but the slippery-slope argument is being made, to suggest that regulations against the torture of pets will spread to agriculture.

This take can be basically translated to – [agriculture’s torturing of animals should be legal]. They don’t realize it, but the people who want to make sure animal-welfare protections don’t apply to farm animals are admitting these animals are subjected to cruelty. They don’t want to change these practices.

So let’s review: The industry does not want hidden cameras exposing acts of cruelty inside its walls and the industry does not want to see the animals legally protected from said cruelty.

Senator Holdman was quoted in the ABC News piece as saying –

“We have law enforcement and regulatory agencies to handle those kinds of situations.”

But too many of these pro-factory farming types want to block any protections for the animals, so that law enforcement and the courts would have their hands tied anyway. They are not fooling anyone with even minimal brain function.


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