How are some in the media reporting on Saint Francis without noting his love for animals?

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I’ve seen a number of TV news reports on Pope Francis picking his name in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi. The reports rightfully explain that St. Francis cared for the poor. But how can anyone review the life of St. Francis without mentioning what he is best known for – his love for animals? Some news stories have failed to mention this at all.

St. Francis is best known as the patron saint of animals. So I performed a couple of Internet searches and found that some journalists and bloggers are with me.

Philadelphia Inquirer writer Amy Worden asked in a article from March 17 – “Might this also mean that Pope Francis will be the voice for the voiceless in nature?”

And Worden writes –

St. Francis’ legacy is deeply rooted in his connection with the environment and nature, which he believed was a mirror of God.

I really hope Pope Francis will be both a voice for the poor and for animals and the environment.

NPR recognized St. Francis’ love of animals.

And as other media outlets have reported, Pope Francis blessed a guide dog over the weekend.

And the Guardian touched on the topic, while also publishing a photo of the seagull who landed on the Sistine chimney prior to the signaling announcement of the new Pope.


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