Wacky Quote of the Day – Topic: IdiocyRod Race

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On occasion, I read news stories and I’m floored by misinformation presented by one party or another – and sometimes a quote goes off the chart. The latest case comes from an AP story about the death of the sled dog during the 2013 IdiocyRod race.

In response to Dorado’s tragic death, the Iditarod Trail Committee states it will provide shelters at two major checkpoints and will more frequently check on dogs dropped off at these check points. It’s taken them all the way to 2013 to figure this out? Why did take race officials decades to understand that it’s cold and the weather can be harsh in Alaska?

And then the AP article quotes from a statement by a race officials:

“This type of self-examination is an important part of ITC’s historical commitment to the improvement of the welfare of the canine athletes that annually participate in the Race.”

When I got over the feeling that I was going to throw up, I read a second quote in the article –

“ITC does not believe it or any others acted negligently in any way relating to the death of Dorado or that Dorado’s death was foreseeable.”

So the dogs were tethered outside in harsh conditions that delayed officials from getting back to these dogs sooner – but the ITC doesn’t believe anyone is at fault.

I’m really not surprised that no race officials or participants want to take responsibility for this dog’s suffering.


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