Chicago’s oldest pet store ends the sale of puppies and kittens

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Each step gets us closer to the goal. Every time a grocery chain or restaurant decides to focus more on cutting down on the cruelty facet of the products they sell, it’s a good step in the right direction. We’re not there yet, but it’s good to be a step closer.

Another piece of good news comes this week from Chicago, where reportedly the city’s oldest pet store will no longer sell puppies and kittens. Knowing that a vast, vast majority (or more) of puppies and kittens sold in stores come from puppy and kitten mills, maybe this act will save a few more animals from suffering.

Collar and Leash has announced it will now play host to adoptable homeless pets. The Puppy Mill Project was instrumental in getting this done. And the Chicago Tribune article rightfully reports 99 percent of puppies sold in stores are from mills.

The Puppy Mill Project was founded in 2009, to raise awareness about the cruelty within the system.

An article on the site out of Chicago reports on a some of the horrible things puppy mills do.


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