Carl knows the way greyhounds should live

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Carl is one of our rescued greyhounds – rescued from the horrors of greyhound racing. He has some emotional problems most likely brought on by his experiences within the racing industry.

To some degree, he has what we call “space issues,” as he gets a bit agitated when he is resting and some of our other dogs get too close to him.

But there is one common theme with the greyhounds we’ve rescued. Once they are adjusted to life in a home setting, they become masters of getting comfortable on sofas and beds.

Carl enjoys going into the master bedroom during the day for some private naps. He loves living in our home. When he’s not napping, he approaches my wife or me quite often for attention. Carl enjoys having his ears rubbed and he enjoys nosing he way into any projects we’re engaged in – cooking, cleaning, repairs, you name it.


This is the way dogs should live. And certainly it is vastly different, when compared with the life of confinement greyhound endure in racing.

Every one of the greyhounds we’ve adopted has experienced an initial period of adjustment, before finally relaxing and enjoying their new life.

We’ve heard about this same pattern from others who have adopted greyhounds.


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